The future is here.

Hoverboards come up in conversations when talking about the future. That’s years down the line but for some reason in 2018, we have yet to encounter any. But when someone mentions a hoverboard to me, I instantly think of the trilogy of Back To The Future. For those that do not know, Back To The Future is a classic movie that came out in 1985. It was centered around a high school boy named Marty McFly and his strange friend Dr. Emmitt Brown also known as  “Doc”. Doc created the first time machine out of a DeLorean sports car. The whole premise around the movie was to go back in time to fix certain events that may have been messed in the current state of time. For example, Doc gets murdered in the first movie and Marty uses the time machine to prevent his friend from getting killed. I enjoyed the entire trilogy but in particular, the second movie is the one that I liked the most. And that is where we will see the hoverboard be used.

The second movie takes place in the future where Doc and Marty go to prevent Marty’s father from being killed by the town bully Biff Buchanan. We see a lot of futuristic things like flying cars, self-walking dog collars, Nike tennis shoes that can lace themselves, and 3D sharks that come out of buildings to promote movies. But this is where we get to see our first glance at the hoverboard. Marty loved using his skateboard in the first movie and that translated over to the second one with him riding around on this board that could fly. We got a glimpse of the speed of the board along with the versatility of it as well. There was a scene where Marty was running away from some bullies where he tried to ride over water but the bullies mocked him because he did not know that hoverboards could not function over water. We see later in the movie that the hoverboard becomes crucial in the different situations that Marty is put in.


I have seen people make different videos on YouTube that try to recreate the hoverboard. Lexus actually came out with a hoverboard that consisted of magnets, superconductors and liquid nitrogen. Apparently, it could only hover a few inches off the ground but you have to be on a surface of the metal to do so. Regardless, I am definitely interested in seeing one in action one day and possible riding one in the future.

Another company by the name of Arca Space Corporation is working on a product called the ArcaBoard where it uses fans to make the board levitate and it could hold up to 240 lbs of weight. It also can reach up to 20 centimeters. But if you’re going to get it, make sure you have deep pockets because you are going to have to shell out $20,000. Unfortunately, on a single charge, you will only be able to ride about six minutes.

We have seen different examples of hoverboards. Some promising and some not so promising. But with that said, we know that it will eventually happen. It’s just a matter of time.