Fantasy Football (2018 edition)

You or someone else you know knows someone who plays fantasy football. And maybe you have always wondered what it is and how you play. I will go into detail about the details of the game and how you play.

First of all, what is fantasy football? It is a game, which you play with your friends or even complete strangers, where you get the production of real NFL players on a weekly basis and get points for how well they perform. For every week of the NFL season, you fill your roster with players that you have drafted before the beginning of the NFL season. Typically, your roster will have a quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, a defense and a kicker. Depending on the format of your league, each player’s yardage, touchdowns and receptions count towards your total points. The more points you accumulate, the better chance you have of beating your weekly opponent in your league. The teams with the best win record make it to the playoffs and one team will eventually win the fantasy football championship.

So now that you have the basics down, keeping track of your roster is important. You will need to make sure you set your starting lineup in time for the start of the NFL games that your players are playing in. If you forget to place a player in your starting lineup and they start the game, then you are out of luck. So mistakes like that need to be avoided.

Another huge factor in fantasy football is something that is called the waiver wire. As the weeks progress, players that usually are not projected to perform at a high level come out of nowhere and are valuable for fantasy owners. If those particular players were not drafted, you are able to pick them up from a pool of the remaining undrafted players. You put in a claim for the free agent and if no one else wants them, then you can replace someone from your team with that new player. Typically, waiver claims are submitted before Tuesday and process sometime on Wednesday.

Bye weeks are another thing you must pay attention to. Every NFL team has a bye week in their schedule where they do not play. So that applies to your roster as well. If you have players on a particular bye week, you will want to replace them with someone on your bench or go to the waiver wire and find someone that will take their place.

If you are not satisfied with a player that you have on your roster and you are in need of a player from another team in your league, the best thing to do is to try to propose a trade. It is best to see the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and try to put together a trade that would be enticing to them.

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself. It is a long season and even if you start out on a losing streak, do not lose interest. You can still come back and win the whole thing. So do your research and have fun!