Coocheer Balancing Scooter

Are you currently in the market to buy a hoverboard? A lot of people in that same situation are leaning towards the Coocheer Balancing Scooter. This board is specifically designed to have excellent performance as well as exceptional safety. I will be discussing the pros and cons and give my final recommendation on the product.

The Coocheer Balancing Scooter comes equipped with dual motors which gives it a good amount of power but not too powerful where it could potentially injure the rider. The board is also about 30% larger than most on the market, therefore, provides more stability and user-friendly experience. It also adapts to many different kinds of surfaces. The wheels are made to safely ride on dirt, gravel, grass and many other hard to ride areas. And most importantly, this board provides a smooth enough ride where even a child can easily catch on and learn to enjoy his/her time on a hoverboard.

As far as safety is concerned, the Coocheer Balancing Scooter passes all safety requirements and standards to ensure an injury-free ride. It also comes with a battery, when fully charged, can run up to two hours. The board also has a feature where it will not heat up when in fast charge mode. When it senses that the temperature is reaching a dangerous level, the mechanism will gradually shut itself off to avoid overcharging. The board is also water resistant which means you can ride it out in the rain without worrying about the longevity of the board. Another great feature the hoverboard has is that it contains a temperature control system which automatically shuts off the board when it reaches a certain high temperature avoiding any unsafe conditions. 

There are some downsides to the Coocheer Balancing Scooter. One negative about the hoverboard is that the maximum speed is higher than others you may see on the market. Therefore, parents of children who own or are looking to buy this hoverboard tend to worry and avoid this model. To alleviate some concerns, Coocheer placed an alert on the hoverboard to signal that the rider may be going at speeds that may be hazardous.

Another negative about this board is that the tires may lessen in traction when going on rough roads. If the person riding the board stays on smooth surfaces at all times, then you will not have to worry about tread conditions but for those who like to go on rougher surfaces, this may be a reason not to get this board.

In closing, my recommendation is that if you are just learning to ride the hoverboard or would like to one day learn, this may be the perfect one to start out with. The bigger board with increased stability will make it a user-friendly experience. For the novice rider, the Coocheer Balancing Scooter is for you.