Different Types of Hoverboards

You see them everywhere. People riding hoverboards all around their neighborhoods. They are actually pretty easy to spot and maybe you are in the market to buy one. You know what they look like, but to get the most out of your riding experience, you must know exactly what the hoverboard is.

The hoverboard is a complex thing equipment as far as moving parts, but each part is essential in the riding process to ensure longevity and safety. Every hoverboard has wheels. You may have seen movies where people are flying on their boards, but hoverboards are not there quite yet. You need four wheels, two on each side to make sure you have optimized balance. Different companies sell different wheels and some of the wheels are good for riding on flat surfaces and some wheels are meant to go on rougher surfaces. The wheels come in different sizes as well. They vary from 6.5”, 8” and 10”. Choosing wheels for your hoverboard is a very important factor when in the buying process. You need to know that your wheels will last a long time and will keep you safe. If you are in the market to buy a hoverboard for tricks, then the smaller the wheels the better. If you are looking for everyday riding, then big wheels are the way to go.

The body of the hoverboard is also very important. By body, we mean the rectangular unit on which you stand on. Above every wheel, you will see mini fenders, which are there to make sure your feet do not come in contact with the wheels. The board is used to provide space for your feet so that you can keep balanced while riding. For the body to support a person, a motor and a battery, there must have been a lot of research done to accomplish this. Another thing to look for on the board is foot pads to ensure a non-slip and safe ride.

The aesthetics of the hoverboard is also something to look for when making your purchase. Companies have put out some wild looking boards that fit anyone’s personality. Lately, it is not used as just a mode of transportation, but more of a fashion statement. But since the most important factor when buying a hoverboard is safety, the details of looks its cosmetic appearance should not be something that is looked upon with high regard.

There are also different types of hoverboards. For instance, companies have come out with one-wheel boards which are more challenging to ride, but also fun. Some other companies have also come out with the boards that have four wheels which help with the learning curve. And on the extreme, other companies have come out with hoverboards that do not have any wheels. But do not expect this board to be in the same price range as every other board mentioned.

In conclusion, since you now know what to look for in a hoverboard, make sure you take the time and do your research so that you know which board is perfect for you.